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After winning the K1 Speed championship, we purchased my first Tony Kart. It’s been full throttle ever since! A year in and I’m racing all over the United States. This is my rookie year in Jr KA100,  California ProKart, where I finished round one in first place.

I have a passion for racing that reflects in everything I do. 


Although my resume is short I have been able to progress quickly.

I owe so much to Kyle at HRT Driver Development who has been with me since the start.  His knowledge combined with my smarts is a winning combination. 



We have designed these pages to help people get started in the sport. When we first started, we were lost, so as we have gained knowledge and information through the years, we wanted to help others on their journey. Therefore, we designed these pages as a source of information to help you get started. We wish you the best of luck. 


I am William Rasmussen, and I have been racing for three years. My resume includes winning many races at the local and regional levels. Recently, I moved up to racing a full-size adult kart and won my first regional race at Buttonwillow Raceway. I am looking forward to expanding my success on a national scale and need sponsors to help me continue my racing goals.
My next step will be to begin racing in the Spec Miata series in the coming season. I have secured a position on a team and I'm working on developing my driving skills before I race officially.
I am taking all of these steps to progress toward being a professional race car driver. Unfortunately, these next steps are not possible without sponsorship.  
I aspire to someday race in IndyCar.



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