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1st-  TriC, Round 1
3rd- TriC, Round 2
1st-  ProKart, Round 1
2nd- ProKart, Round 4

I have started on pole 80% of this time this year
Vice Champion-SKUSA
Pro Kart-Mini class
2nd- ChilChallenge, Adams
1st-   SKUSA-ProKart, Round 1
1st-   Apex, Round 1
1st-   Summer Nights, Round 1
1st-   CCKRA, Santa Maria
2nd- Summer nights, Round 2
1st-   SKUSA-ProKart, Round 2
3rd-  ProKart, Round 3
1st-   PAC-Apex, Round 2
2nd- SKUSA, Round 4
    Champion PAC series
                Mini Class
2nd-PAC, Apex, Round 2
1st - PAC, Apex, Round 4
1st - PAC, Apex, Round 3
3rd -TRiC, Cal Speed
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