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Racing Organizations

With any sport their are different levels of competition.  The first level, called the "Club level," primarily races at local tracks around Southern California.  As you or your driver gets progressively better you can follow the steps to the next levels of racing; the regional level, and then continuing on to the national level.  We have always felt it is best to master one level before progressing to the next.  Racing comes with risks and those risks come with rewards, but going to the next level too soon can be frustrating for the driver and those with whom they are working.

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TriC is the largest organization in karting in Southern California. A nonprofit, they host three different series of racing. Their starter level is the "California Nights" series and the winter series "Chill Challenge" at Adams Motorsports Park.  The next level is TriC at Cal Speed.  Each of these races have different classes depending on age and experience and have racers running various types of engines.
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More commonly called SKUSA is the next step after club racing.  At this level you will find some of the best competitors in the country if not the world.  The regional series is the California Pro Kart Challenge. The national level is the Pro Tour.
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Another club level of racing is LAKC. LosAngeles Karting Association is another smaller nonporfit racing orginization that races at CalSpeed Karting. Racing at  LAKC is a little more competitive.  Often racers at LAKC are working on racing at regional levels and some of the local national level racers use these races as extra practice.
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Central California Kart Racing Association is another great entry level racing association.  They race primarily LO206 engines, although their KA classes have been growing. They race at tracks in Central CA such as Buttonwillow, Willow Springs, and Santa Maria.
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Challenge is primarily a Northern California Series but they are very well run so they are worth mentioning.  They run Roc or VLR engines which are not as popular in Southern CA.  They run a national level winter series that attracts a lot of top drivers.

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