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There is no end to what I could write on this page.  It's best to start out with the basics listed here and you can add as you go. Yes, the kart and it's paraphernalia, have overtaken our garage.


check the expiration date on everything

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  • Racing suite 

  • Helmet (get a sun visor)

  • Gloves

  • Neck brace

  • Rib protector and or chest shield (12 and under)

  • Racing shoes (optional but help the driver feel the pedals)



  • Tires

    • Hoosiers are run by Tri C, they are a softer tire​

    • Envicos are run by LAKC and SKUSA

      • The blues are a harder tire​, the reds are softer

    • Levanto - These are run in the Challenge series and up north.

  • Kart stand - everyone has different opinions on these. We like the one that collapses.

  • MIcron- these will record your lap-times.  There is also a lot of data you can gain from using one of these with a laptop.

  • Battery charger

  • Transportation for you kart (trailer or truck)

  • Go Pro or Smarty Cam

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images (11).jpg

You can always hire a mechanic and have them work on your kart for you but that can get pricey.

  • allen wrenches

  • tire gauge

  • compressor

  • generator

  • bead breaker

  • tire scissors

  • chain lube

  • break cleaner

  • spark plug wrench

  • screwdrivers

  • wire cutters

  • needle nose plyers

  • break fluid

  • WD40

  • socket wrenches


​You will find that everyone helps each other out at the track.  You never know when you might need something or you might have something someone else needs.  Keep this in mind and make lots of friends out there.  You will soon come to have a karting family. 

  • tire rods

  • axels

  • zip ties

  • chains
  • sprockets 
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