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Welcome to go-karting you have found one of the most exciting and affordable forms of motorsports. Ask any racer and they will agree karting is the most exciting form of wheel-to-wheel racing. Whether you are a parent with a child begging to get into racing or young at heart, there is a place for you on the track. Competition karting is a great way to build racing fundamentals and learn vehicle dynamics. With a seating position just an inch off the ground, a go-kart offers the most direct and thrilling driving experience one can have in a vehicle with 4 wheels. Go-karts offer speed and performance in excess of 3 G's. Karts are simply the purest form of racing one can experience. 

We have designed these pages to help people get started in the sport. When we first started, we were lost. As we have gained knowledge and information through the years, we wanted to help others out on their journey. We designed these pages as a source of information to help you get started. We wish you the best of luck, and please feel free to ask us any questions; we are happy to help you on your journey. Please also follow William on his media networks.  


Who fits in what and how fast do they go?

(coming soon)

From local club level to the national - what is out there?

From trailers to transponders what do you need?

Let's go fast!


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